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Subject: Quo Vadis?
From: Tim Bowden <tcbowden @ clovis . nerdnosh . org>
Organization: NERDNOSH - the story continues...
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 01 08:17:46 PST
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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TF writes:

> This is off-topic, but I too am fascinated by the categorization of user 
> types based on personality traits (due to my background in roleplaying 
> games and the moderation of chat sites), and your characterization of 
> General Forest was a good one.  

Thank you very much.  The history of General Forest.

Nathaniel Bedford was a very successful cavalry officer with the
Confederacy.  The trick was to hold parley with his adversary down in
the canyon, while up along the ravine, his entire force would form a
pinwheel and appear in a complete circle past one opening in the ridge
several times over the course of the talks.  The enemy captain would
believe he was surreptitiously counting heads to gauge the strength of
this hoosier before him and eventually would come to unfavorable terms
for the yanks as the day wore on.

The online version of this ploy I can remember from two separate
forums very different in nature and years apart.  One was a rather
disturbed one of dubious credits and great exaggeration generally
all about her, and she was discussing in a chat group which was
formed as a meta-guidance council to a larger one.  The other
occasion was in the past year in a list for published authors
of a proven success ratio.  It decided me that the tools sometimes
create the worker, not the other way around.  That means, the
advantages of anonymity will be grasped on by diverse persons.

What the current General Forest is saying is, "I have lots
of the craven and the cowardly in my corner!"

General Forest, you may know, was an atrocious racist who
committed one of the great crimes of his war, the slaughter of
two hundreds of black soldier POWs at Ft Pillow.  He went on to
create the Ku Klux Klan.

	       tcbowden @
 nerdnosh .
 org (Tim Bowden)
	   "The reason you can never go home again
	  is because you can never leave." - Timocrates

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