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Subject: Majordomo 1.94.5 released -- security and bugfix release
From: Chan Wilson <cwilson @ neu . sgi . com>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:22:13 +0100 (MET)
To: majordomo-announce @ greatcircle . com, majordomo-workers @ greatcircle . com, majordomo-users @ greatcircle . com

Majordomo 1.94.5 has been released, another security bugfix release.

Available from and

Thanks to all the volunteers who have produced the patches and made
them available to the community.


Changes from 1.94.4 to 1.94.5

A straightforward patch release, 99% from the collected 
1.94.4 patches:

o digest_rm_fronter and digest_rm_footer now work.
o unsubcribe_policy now has +confirm feature
o More hostile address checking
o makes archives world readable.
o bounce had an innocuous y2k bug, and wanted a 'bounces' list password even 
  when called as unsub
o better description of the moderator function.
o Fixes 'restrict_post = #!$list' substitution and blank lines
  in config files
o Better error reporting when is wrong.
o Detects some attachments sent as commands
o Approve commands can span lines now.
o resend has better messages for taboo_headers problems
o fixed: header corruption when Subject: is blank and subject tags are used.
=========================================================================================                           ()      Ensures archives are world readable.
bounce.0                                ()      Bounce script and unsub.                       ()      Another trivial 1.94.4 patch: moderator                       (B)     Fixes 'restrict_post = #!$list' substitution                       (F)     Fixes failing to accept newconfig... (cleaned)                       (B)     Fixes bug when several consecutive blank lines
                                                or a trailing blank line appear in a string array                (F)     Adds the functionality promised by digest_rm_fronter
majordomo-config.1                      (F)     +config patches for unsubscribe_policy
majordomo.0b                            (B+)    Fixes some error messages and minor bugs related to
                                                aliasing <listname>-request to invoking majordomo with -l
majordomo.1                             (F)     PATCH: no attachments (was Re: Strange stuff)
majordomo.3                             ()      A minor little patch that cleans up newinfo/newintro
majordomo.6                             (F)     Patch for APPROVE linewraps
majordomo.7                             ()      Work-around for Perl 5.005 problem                          (S+)    Fixes security hole with :include:syslog (untested)
request-answer.0                        ()      Request-answer should not reply to mailer-daemon et al
resend.2                                (F)     A nice patch for debugging taboo_headers
resend.5                                (B++)   Fixes header corruption when Subject: is
                                                blank and subject tags are used
resend.8                                ()      More headers for the skip headers string
resend_parse.1                          ()      Corrected PATCH: moderator behavior

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