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The Majordomo-Workers mailing list is for detailed technical discussions among people working on stuff for future versions of the the Majordomo mailing list management package.

General discussions of how to use Majordomo at your site, how to get Majordomo working on a particular system, "tips and tricks", and so forth should be sent to the Majordomo-Users mailing list instead.

The Majordomo-Workers mailing list is hosted by Great Circle Associates.

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To subscribe, simply fill in your email address, and then click the "Subscribe" button.

To unsubscribe from the list, use the Majordomo2 web interface.


All messages sent to the list are publicly available in a web-based archive, as well as searchable via Google and other search engines.

We strongly believe that searchable archives of past messages are one of the most important features of Internet mailing lists such as this one, and that it's critical that those archives be complete and accurate representations of the discussions on the list. Therefore, as a general rule we will not honor requests to edit the archives to remove or modify particular postings. So, be thoughtful before posting; you're going to have to live with whatever you say being in the archives forever, searchable by employers, family members, etc.

Note that, if you post messages to the list, the email address you post from will likely be harvested from the archives by spammers. We have carefully considered this problem, and concluded that there really isn't any way we can prevent that while still maintaining useful and searchable archives. You should take whatever steps you feel are appropriate to protect yourself, such as using a strong spam-filtering system or posting from throw-away accounts.


Harvesting of email addresses from this mailing list or its archives for any purpose (but particularly commercial mailings) is prohibited.

You can subscribe a local redistribution list or a gateway to a local newsgroup, as long as whatever you do is local to your site. This restriction makes it much easier for us to track down mailer problems.

We're very aggressive when it comes to bounced email. If email to you starts bouncing, we'll probably drop you from the list fairly quickly; you'll have to resubscribe when you get the problem fixed, and retrieve the archives to find out what you missed.

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