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NOTE: This list was deactivated in May, 1997. These archives and web pages are primarily here for historical reasons. For further information, contact the former list owner: Jody Kravitz <>

This list was for discussions of telephone-computer integration and related issues, such as Stephen Uhler's "PhoneStation" project at Bellcore (see his paper in the Proceedings of the Winter 1993 USENIX Technical Conference for more information).

Stephen's paper described an experimental language and an experimental hardware platform. The paper raised a lot of interesting technical issues. A lively question-answer session followed his talk. This mailing list hoped to provide a forum for a continuing discussion of relevant issues.


All messages to the list were archived. The archives are available via anonymous FTP from host FTP.GreatCircle.COM in directory "pub/phonestation/archive". The archives are broken down by year and month, and are stored in compressed files named "phonestation.YYYYMM.Z" (where "YYYY" is the year and "MM" is the month). The copy of the archive available by anonymous FTP is updated every night at 2am local time (0900 GMT in the summer, 1000 GMT in the winter).

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